Erste Monografie über das Werk Roland Reiters in außergewöhnlich hochwertiger Ausstattung
Textbeiträge von Franz Schuh, Andreas Spiegl, Teresa Präauer und ManfreDu Schu.

BUCHPRÄSENTATION: 08. Mai 2017, Im Bildraum 07, Burggasse 7-9, 1070 Wien

They’re called “Olga”, “Ida”, or “Rupert” and reveal their innermost secrets in the works of Austrian sculptor Roland Reiter.
Two foxes dance Ring around the Rosie, forever intertwined. Often the subtlest nuances suffice for Reiter’s alchemy to transmute what was classical to contemporary. With masterful craftsmanship, Reiter stretches the boundaries, daring to experiment, weaving textures and materials into a tight rhythm that breathes life without compromise in staccato.
When the beat ceases and after the lingering feedback of the oscillation and physicality recedes and silence descends, a delicate and sensuous aesthetic lingers on, that can capture the imagination of any beholder. Racing heart, ringing ears, floating on a cloud.